Level II - Livestream

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Level II - Livestream


  • Either Phonics First® Level I OR Structures® Level I
  • 3+ months teaching Phonics First® or Structures® to students

Appropriate Audience:

•  Kindergarten through 12th grade general education, special education, intervention, and resource teachers who have taken either Phonics First® Level I or Structures® Level I

This rigorous Orton-Gillingham course focuses on increasing teaching expertise for remediating reading development of K-12 students with dyslexia and learning differences in small-group and one-on-one settings. Teachers review and deepen their ability to teach the Level I course content of both Phonics First® and Structures® to meet the unique needs of each learner. Further, the Level II course expands teaching expertise beyond phonological awareness and phonics. Teachers learn instructional strategies to teach reading fluency, morphology, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and syntax. During the Level II course, teachers gain knowledge to instruct students with dyslexia and learning differences in multiple areas of reading and writing by applying their enhanced knowledge of structured, sequential, multisensory teaching. This allows them to adapt a wide range of teacher-selected materials to their students’ reading and writing needs.

Level II is a required class for those pursuing Brainspring’s nationally recognized certification.

A Brainspring Instructor teaches this course live in real time via Zoom (access and use details are provided upon registration). Participants log in on each course date and time to participate. Courses allow for interaction with the Instructor and other course participants in order to retain the hands-on learning approach. Course sessions also include small-group discussions, practice sessions, and question and answer opportunities.

NEW FEATURE: Participants receive a complimentary upgrade to the Brainspring Digital Library, which includes the current editions of the Phonics First® and Structures® books.

Participants gain expertise in:

• Instruction of skills using both Phonics First® and Structures® curricula

• Applying the Principles of Orton-Gillingham instruction to multiple areas of reading and writing

• Customizing lessons for students with dyslexia and learning differences

Participants Learn to Customize Instruction in:
• Phonological Awareness
• Phonics skills for basic phonics through advanced decoding and encoding
• Morphology
• Syllabication/multisyllable word attack strategies
• Fluency-building
• Vocabulary development
• The Reciprocal Teaching process
• Multisensory comprehension
• Multisensory syntax (grammar)

Additional benefits:
• Emphasis on modifying lesson components to instruct individuals and small groups of students with similar skill needs

• Interactive, collegial discussions to plan and analyze lessons

• Opportunities for hands-on lesson practice with other participants

• Emphasis on teaching reading to students with dyslexia and learning differences at all grade levels using Orton-Gillingham methodology

• Complimentary Brainspring Members Area Access: reproducible lesson resources and activities

Upon completion, participants will:

• Receive a document of completion

• Be empowered with additional multisensory, direct instruction strategies to teach phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and syntax to K-12 students with dyslexia and learning differences

• Be eligible to purchase two Graduate Credits (Ashland University)

Course Hours: 30


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Level II - Livestream Course Materials

Supplied Course Materials

  • Digital Brainspring Level II Course Manual
  • Digital Phonics First® OR Structures® Curriculum Guide
  • Phonics First® OR Structures® Card Pack
  • Phonics First® OR Structures® Syllabication Cards
  • Phonics First® OR Structures® Lesson Strategy Cards

Materials Participants MUST Bring

  • White Board, Marker, Eraser
  • Blending Board
  • To purchase any of these materials, call 844-680-7094.

Level II - Livestream Course Times and Dates

July 22-26, 2024 (9:00am - 4:00pm EST)
October 14-18, 2024 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST)