Connecting Phonics First to the Common Core E-Learning Workshop

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Connecting Phonics First to the Common Core E-Learning Workshop

The adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) means schools must immediately and rapidly gear-up struggling readers. The demands of the CCSS’ higher-level comprehension skills require students employ accurate decoding and fluent reading in order to be able to comprehend increasingly complex text. Consistent implementation of specific Phonics First® Orton-Gillingham strategies in the classroom and intervention settings allows teachers to accurately target specific skill-deficits and to support and strengthen student decoding and fluency.  During this workshop, teachers look at the decoding and fluency-related standards of the common core and determine which Phonics First® instructional components ensure success for beginning, struggling, at-risk, ELL and LD students. Teachers review and practice Phonics First®  strategy implementation for classroom and small-group instruction at the prevention, intervention and remediation levels. The workshop also includes an introduction to Reciprocal Teaching, a powerful tool for deepening comprehension through a process of clarifying, questioning, summarizing and predicting.

Prerequisite: Phonics First® Foundations Level I or Phonics First® Primary
Where: Anywhere via an internet connection
Instructor: Certified Phonics First® Instructor
Duration: Three hours divided into two 1½-hour segments
Cost: $50

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