Phonics First Refresher E-Learning Training

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Phonics First Refresher E-Learning Training

Phonics First® Refresher E-Learning Training
Individuals who have completed Phonics First® Level I or Phonics First® Primary

During this workshop, teachers review the Brainspring Phonics First® Level I Orton-Gillingham training methodology. Multisensory techniques, strategies and concepts will be reviewed, new insights will be gained, and accuracy of the program will be emphasized. Participants are also introduced to Reciprocal Teaching, a powerful tool for deepening comprehension through a process of clarifying, questioning, summarizing and predicting. Information is included about how each lesson component connects to and enhances Common Core Standards.

Participants will review:
• Lesson plan components
• Visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
• Syllabication strategies

Upon completion, participants will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of each lesson component
• Be better prepared to deliver Phonics First® lessons with fidelity

Prerequisite: Completion of Phonics First® Level I or Phonics First® Primary
E-Learning Course Hours: 3
Contact us to discuss your state requirements for dyslexia and other literacy initiatives.

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