Building Syllables with LEGO® Bricks

Building Syllables with LEGO® Bricks

Posted by Brainspring on 20th Feb 2023

Knowing how to break words into syllables helps students pronounce words, figure out unknown words, and assists with spelling.



-Picture cards

Print and cut the picture cards. Players take turns drawing a card. Students will say the name of the picture on the card. Then ask how many syllables are in the word. Students can place a hand under their chin and say the word. The number of times a student’s chin hits their hand is how many syllables are in the word. Place a LEGO® brick on the stack for each syllable heard. The player with the highest tower is the winner. 

Multisensory Monday - LEGO Syllable Pictures

Written by: Jessica LaCroix

Jessica is a certified teacher and mother.

She loves being creative and making learning more engaging for students.

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