Multisensory Monday: Bubble Wrap Vowel Practice

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 1st Sep 2019

Everyone loves bubble wrap, so why not use it in your Phonics First and Structures lessons? Who knew vowel practice could be so fun?!

Make it Multisensory

Grab a paper-sized piece of bubble wrap and some permanent markers. On the different bubbles, write in whichever previously taught vowels you would like to review or practice. Writing each vowel in its own color is helpful.

Give the bubble wrap to the student and say a vowel sound. The student then selects a correct bubble and gets to pop it. Continue until you run out of pop-able bubbles.

Happy popping!


Written by Tammi Brandon, M.Ed., CDP

Tammi Brandon is a Master Instructor and Education Consultant with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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