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Multisensory Monday-Vowel Teams

Multisensory Monday-Vowel Teams

Posted by Brainspring on 6th Jun 2022

Vowel Teams are a combination of two vowels making the long vowel sound. They appear often and early in English vocabulary and are taught as early as Kindergarten for reading. Some facts about teachin … read more

Multisensory Monday: Water Balloon Vowel Practice

Posted by Brainspring on 7th Sep 2020

Vowel sounds are typically the most challenging for students to master, some of which include short, long, and vowel teams. Help your child to understand and learn these vowel or vowel combinations by … read more

Why Vowels are the Trickiest Sounds

Posted by Brainspring on 30th Oct 2019

Vowels are the trickiest sounds in our language.  They can be especially frustrating for struggling readers and challenging for teachers as well.  It’s not your imagination that the /o/ sound in “dog” … read more

Multisensory Monday: “Spider Smash” Vowel Card Game

Posted by Marguerite Foshee on 14th Oct 2019

Lately I feel as if I am running out of ideas to make vowel practice more enjoyable. How can I really capture my students’ attention and help them solidify these tricky vowel sounds? “Spider Smash” se … read more

Multisensory Monday: Bubble Wrap Vowel Practice

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 2nd Sep 2019

Everyone loves bubble wrap, so why not use it in your Phonics First and Structures lessons? Who knew vowel practice could be so fun?! Make it Multisensory Grab a paper-sized piece of bubble wrap and s … read more
Multisensory Monday: Vowel Spin and Say

Multisensory Monday: Vowel Spin and Say

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 25th Mar 2019

Put those fidget spinners to good use in your classroom or tutoring sessions and help students master recently introduced or troublesome sounds with this simple, fun activity. In this activity, we pra … read more