Multisensory Monday: Catch the -tch!

Posted by Samantha Brooks on 9th Jun 2019

Today, we are going to practice spelling with -tch. This is a tricky concept because the ‘t’ is silent, so you can only hear the /ch/sound! Let’s practice -tch with a game called Catch the -tch!

When to Use -tch

When you hear /ch/ at the end of a word, following a short vowel, you spell the /ch/ sound with –tch.

For example, catch, match, stretch, pitch, etc.

When Not to Use -tch

When /ch/ does not directly follow a short vowel sound.

For example, lunch, ranch, peach, birch, coach, etc.

Let’s Play Catch the -tch!

Show rule card (if word spelled with tch-throw the ball to a friend; if not, hold the ball in your hand)

Click HERE to print out the rule card.

Say the following words aloud, students decide if they should throw the ball or hold it.

Flash – no

beach – no

crutch – yes

blast – no

tratch – yes

snatch – yes

moach -no

hutch – yes

rotch – yes

scratch – yes

streach – no

lunch – no

sorch – no

chess – no

gloach – no

catch – yes

putch – yes

porch – no

slitch – yes

NOTE: The words “such, much, rich, and which” are rule breakers and therefore taught as Red Words.


Written by Sam Brooks, MSE CDP

Sam Brooks is an Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy

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