Multisensory Monday: Diphthong OU Animal Sounds

Posted by Brainspring on 20th May 2019

Diphthong sounds are tricky, especially for students who struggle with reading and writing. Today’s multisensory activity is quick, engaging and fun for most ages. Who doesn’t like to chuckle to animal sounds? Remind students that the target sound to practice is Diphthong OU – just like in the word “sound.” As students listen to audio clips of animal sounds, they identify the corresponding animal picture that makes the sound. Some may have you fooled!



Preparing to Play

  • Decide what animal sounds you would like to use. Depending on the ages of the students, you may want to use common animals, such as dogs and cows, or exotic animals, like baboons and howler monkeys!
  • Optional – consider downloading the Ipad app ANIMAL SOUNDS!

How to Play

  • Provide a set of Student Animal Cards to each student
  • Play an animal sound from ANIMAL SOUNDS
  • Ask students to hold up the animal card that they think matches the sound
  • Show students the correct animal card (from the teacher set)
  • Continue until all animals are matched


Written by Stephanie Castillo

Stephanie is the Center Director of the Brainspring Learning Center in Clarkston, Michigan.


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