Multisensory Monday: Fluency Sentences

Multisensory Monday: Fluency Sentences

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 13th May 2018

Do you have students who struggle with reading sentences correctly and fluently? Maybe they get a little overwhelmed with fluency practice and precision reading drills? Try these quick and crafty fluency sentences to help students strengthen fluency.

Why is Fluency Important?

According to Reading Rockets, fluency is “defined as the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression. Fluency is important because it provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension. When fluent readers read silently, they recognize words automatically. They group words quickly to help them gain meaning from what they read. Fluent readers read aloud effortlessly and with expression. Their reading sounds natural as if they are speaking. Readers who have not yet developed fluency read slowly, word by word. Their oral reading is choppy.”

Make it Multisensory …

 Select several sentences that your students might struggle to read accurately and fluently. Be sure to only use sentences from previously-taught lessons. Write the subject of the sentence in one color on one craft stick and the predicate of the sentence in another color on another stick. For younger students, choose only 2-3 sentences. For older students, choose 10-12 sentences.

Practice reading the sentences individually. Then, turn the craft sticks face-down. Shuffle the order of the sticks, but keep the subject sticks on one side and the predicate sticks on the other.

Students take turns turning over a subject stick and a predicate stick and reading the sentence. The sentences might be comical, but that is fine! This activity gives students a chance to practice reading sentences in small chunks and helps to develop fluency. When students make errors in their reading, be sure to address the miscue right away to avoid bad habits from starting.


Written by Tammi Brandon, M.Ed., CDP

Tammi Brandon is a Master Instructor and Education Consultant with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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