Multisensory Monday: Letter P Word Building with Pepperoni Pizza!

Multisensory Monday: Letter P Word Building with Pepperoni Pizza!

Posted by Julie Wright on 7th Oct 2018

Using a key word such as pizza while teaching letter P can help students better recall the sound in the future. This simple multisensory activity focuses on having your student(s) differentiate between the initial /p/ sound and the final /p/ sound in a CVC word.



*Printed image of a pizza with written parts of CVC words scattered on top

*Small printed pepperonis with letter P written on each and put in a baggie

*Small pizza box

*White chef’s hat

*Slice of pizza (optional- but so fun!)


Make it Multisensory …

After introducing the letter P and brainstorming P words together, have your student(s) open up the pizza box and put on the chef’s hat (student’s can take turns if there are multiple students involved). Each student then takes a pepperoni P and places it at either the beginning or end of a word. They will have to determine the correct spot for the /p/ sound.  After all of the pepperonis are placed, have the student read all of the words she created. When all words have been read, offer your student a small slice of pizza to create one more sensory experience to wrap up this lesson (which of course is optional)!


Write all necessary letters for dictation on pepperonis and have your student(s) create and place words on the pizza, and then write on paper.



Written by Julie Wright

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield.

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