Multisensory Monday: Magic-E Starry-E Cards

Multisensory Monday: Magic-E Starry-E Cards

Posted by Samantha Brooks on 18th Nov 2018

Magic e words can throw new readers for a loop!  They’ve finally got the hang of CVC words (such as hat) and CCVC words (such as trip), and then we expect them to change up the vowel sounds. Many educators are implementing more phonics instruction in their classrooms starting from the early grades. Young readers begin transitioning from decoding letter by letter into pattern recognition, which is a much more efficient way to decode words, especially as words become larger.

Readers MUST become automatic with moving from CVC to the CVCe word patterns and there must be LOTS of purposeful practice.

Make It Multisensory …

A fun way to help our young readers make sense of magic e words is to use Magic-E Starry-E cards. Students read the CVC word on the card and then put down their magic e wand on the star.  The E is “magic”– it changes the sound of the first vowel into its long sound. Then they read the word as a CVCe word.

For example, read dim … read dime.


Materials Needed to Make Magic-E Wands:

Popsicle stick

Foam star sticker, write an “e” on the star with a permanent black marker

Magic E Starry-E Card template: Starry E

Magic E Rule Poster: Click Here! Magic E Poster


Have fun and enjoy! 


Written by Samantha Brooks, MSE, CDP

Samantha Brooks is an Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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