Multisensory Monday: Matching Game for Root “Phobia”

Posted by Audrey Bon on 5th Jan 2020

Using multisensory strategies when teaching Greek and Latin roots will help your older students remember the root and make deeper connections. This matching game connects the root phobia (fear) with pictures of fears that people have. This game is a great review of previously taught roots such as micro (small), hydro (water), phon (sound) and many more!


  • Print the game cards of Phobia Match and cut apart (Phobia Match PDF).
  • Answer key:
    1. photophobia (fear of light) – lightbulb picture
    2. phobophobia (fear of fear) – goes with the picture of the scared person with the words phobia/phobic above head
    3. phonophobia (fear of sound) – picture of person’s ear
    4. autophobia (fear of being alone) – picture of person by themselves
    5. technophobia (fear of new technology) – picture of cell phone/laptop
    6. arithmophobia (fear of numbers) – picture of numbers
    7. zoophobia (fear of certain animals) – picture of animals
    8. astrophobia (fear of stars/space) – picture of star
    9. chronophobia (fear of time) – picture of clock
    10. microphobia (fear of small things) – picture of small shape next to a large shape
    11. graphophobia (fear of writing/handwriting) – picture of a pencil writing
    12. aquaphobia (fear of water) – picture of water
    13. hydrophobia (fear of water) – picture of water


How to Play

Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the table. Players take turns choosing two cards and flipping them face up. If the cards match, the player gets to keep the cards and go again. If the cards are not a match, the player puts them back on the table face down. Whoever has the most matches at the end of the game wins!


Written by Audrey Bon

Audrey is an instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy and a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Plymouth, Michigan