Multisensory Monday- /nk/ and /ng/ Families

Multisensory Monday- /nk/ and /ng/ Families

Posted by Brainspring on 29th Oct 2017

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! The -ng and -nk endings can be tricky for students.  Here is a creative multisensory activity to help students visualize the -ng and -nk endings as “families”.









  • Fold pink, inner paper in half (“Hamburger style”).  Fold a second time.


  •  Using the downloaded template, trace and draw “people” on completed folds.  Make sure to cut only the top (head) and bottom(legs) so that you are left with connected “people.”

  • Using a ruler, make five lines for the headings and dictation words.

  • Students can color or decorate the “people.” Make hair by simply wrapping pipe cleaners around a pencil (one at a time is better) and stapling to the tops of the heads.  There are endless possibilities!

Loraine Hodgson

Loraine is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Plymouth.