Multisensory Monday: Practicing with Prefixes

Posted by Guest Blogger on 6th Oct 2019

It’s hard to make practicing prefixes fun, however, most kids seem to love spinner games! I work with students with dyslexia in small groups and games help them remember more of what they are learning. My students love games of any kind!

Materials Needed

  • Spinners with the following prefixes: un, mis, con, sub, in (these are suggestions)
  • Spinners with the following root and base words: wrap, sult, side, spect, do, tract, wrap, mit, fess, bend, dent, test, spell, fit, flict, clog, tact, ject, tent (also suggestions)

Make it Multisensory

Have students work in groups of 2 or 3, depending on the number of students you have. Students will take turns spinning a prefix and then spinning another spinner with root and base words. When they have a prefix and a root or base word they will pronounce the word, decide if it’s a real or nonsense word and write it down on their recording sheet. Students will take turns spinning. When time is up they will look at their lists, highlight the real words and take turns either coming up with sentences using those words or explaining what the words mean, or both. The student(s) with the most real words win(s)!


This can also be played using cubes with prefixes or suffixes and root and base words printed on the cubes. Instead of spinning, students can roll the cubes and list the words. This can also be used in centers after introducing it to the class.


Written by Judy Scroggins, M. Ed

Reading Specialist and Dyslexia Coordinator

Carlisle, Arkansas



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