Multisensory Monday: Sammy the Zebra Teaches SLFZ Spelling Rule

Multisensory Monday: Sammy the Zebra Teaches SLFZ Spelling Rule

Posted by Angelina Spiteri-Bender on 8th Apr 2018

Spelling, in general, is a tricky skill for many students. Spelling rules are typically even more challenging. Not only does the student have to segment the sounds that comprise the word, he/she must also recall the steps of the rule, prior to spelling on the page. With all these moving parts, it’s no wonder some students tend to easily check out, including guessing while spelling.

We can help our students be more successful by laying out a spelling rule on paper. Before students spell a word, using a checklist can help keep all the steps of the rule in the front of the mind.

DOWNLOAD FREE: Double ss ff ll zz Checklist HERE

SLFZ Spelling Rule

Do you hear the /s/ /l/ /f/ or /z/ sound at the end of the word?

Does the /s/ /l/ /f/ or /z/ sound follow a short vowel?

If your word does not meet both checkpoints, keep the single s, l, f, or z.

Besides a checklist, we can also consider using a mnemonic device to help recall a multi-step spelling rule.

Sammy Loves Fluffy Zebras

Sally Loves Fried Zucchini

We can personify Sammy/Sally and make him/her real! A simple paper bag puppet will do the trick. When students are spelling, they know Sammy/Sally will appear to remind students of the steps of the rule. Sammy/Sally can have a specific “voice,” and he/she can also help correct miscues along the way.


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