Multisensory Monday: Sidewalk Chalk Contractions

Multisensory Monday: Sidewalk Chalk Contractions

Posted by Julie Wright on 15th Oct 2018

Although we use contractions frequently in daily speech, they tend to be difficult for students to use in reading and writing. The word “Contraction” literally means “pull together”.  Help students visualize this “pulling together” of two separate words into one word with a fun multisensory activity.  Get outside and have some fun with your students while practicing contractions!


Sidewalk chalk

Spray bottle filled with water

Contractions word list

Make it Multisensory …

After finding a nice spot of concrete, dictate to your student the two words that make up a contraction (for example should not). Have him write the two words on the sidewalk. With the spray bottle have him X out the letters that are taken out when the two words “contract” (in the example of should not, we would spray away the o).  Finally,  have him write the contraction word, inserting the apostrophe in place of the X’ed out letter(s).



Written by Julie Wright

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan.


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