Multisensory Monday: Sister Sounds for -nk Endings

Multisensory Monday: Sister Sounds for -nk Endings

Posted by Samantha Brooks on 8th Jul 2018

-nk ending sounds can be tricky for students (-ink, -ank, -onk, -unk) to become automatic with. The letters n and k usually sound especially strange next to a vowel, and it’s easier for students to recognize -nk sounds as one unit. To make -nk endings more multisensory, try an activity that personifies these sound units. In this activity, all the -nk endings are sisters, with their own -nk stories.


Make it Multisensory…

Each of the sisters is found on the link below. When you introduce each of the -nk ending sounds, introduce the sister that goes along with it and add the sister to a poster in class for a reference tool.

Meet the -nk Sisters! (Click Here)

The –nk Sisters

This is ank, she loves to put money in her bank

This is ink, she loves to wear pink

This is –onk, she loves to ride her bike and honk

This is unk, she loves her pet skunk


In addition, students especially love making the -nk sisters on paper and popsicle sticks! Practice -nk sound differentiation with popsicle stick sisters by saying a word including an -nk ending, students consequently listen for the correct sound and hold up the corresponding sister.




Written by Samantha Brooks MSE, CDP

Samantha Brooks is an Instructor with Brainspring Educator Academy.

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