Multisensory Monday: Skill Review Chart

Posted by Marguerite Foshee on 30th Sep 2019

Looking for a fun way to review multiple skills? I recently tried this activity with a student who demonstrated a bit of a summer slide. It was evident he needed to review more before moving on in the Phonics First ® program.


Colored or white card stock
Masking tape

Make a Plan

While planning for my student’s review, I realized there was a lot of material to cover, mostly spelling rules! I decided it would be worth our while to create a chart that combined review of multiple skills at once. First of all, I divided my desk into sections using masking tape (as seen below). Each review skill had its own section, however, I did not label the sections.

Make it Multisensory

I printed dictation words from each review lesson on card stock. My student cut the words apart (which we both loved), mixed the words up and tossed them into a cup. He then shook the cup, and picked a word. Once my student picked his word, he decided which spelling rule the word used, wrote that rule on an index card and placed the card in a section of the chart. Because reminders were sometimes needed, I provided them as necessary.

My student continued picking words out of the cup. Each time a word that demonstrated a new rule was picked, he created a new category card that included the rule. If a word was picked that fell under an already existing category, he placed the word in the correct category.

To scaffold the lesson, one might print or write the rules on the 3×5 cards beforehand.

Below is the review chart, made on my desk with masking tape



Helpful Hint!

Keep the cards. This could also be used as a quick intensive if the student requires review later on.


Written by Marguerite Foshee, M.Ed

Marguerite is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Clarkston, Michigan


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