Multisensory Monday: Slurp Bossy R Sounds

Multisensory Monday: Slurp Bossy R Sounds

Posted by Brainspring on 1st Dec 2019

When letter r sits next to a vowel, it “bosses it around” to make a completely different sound. This lesson teaches /ur/ but also reviews /er/ and /ir/. Sometimes, we may choose to create a unique key word that is geared to a select group of students or student. If they are highly excited by a certain theme or object which will motivate them, why not! I created this lesson for a student in the summer, who often came to class slurping on her favorite beverage, the Slurpee.


Each student will need the following:

Slurpee cup, Slurpee straw, color copy of a Slurpee (optional), ir/er/ur words written or typed on brightly colored paper


Scatter the /ur/ words and a few /ir/ and /er/ words around on the picture of the Slurpee. Do not glue the words onto the paper. Have your students use scissors to cut off the spoon part of their Slurpee straw.

Next, ask each student to read a word on their page. Have them emphasize the medial Bossy R sound. After they read their word, they will slurp it up by breathing in on the straw and having the word stick to the straw.  The word can then be dropped into the Slurpee cup, and the next student can read the word. Continue until all words are read.


Surprise your students with a Slurpee to enjoy while doing the dictation words on the Slurpee page!


This lesson could also be used if a student needs extra practice with beginning l blends (Sl at the beginning of Slurpee). Who knew Slurpees could be so versatile?