Multisensory Monday: “Spider Smash” Vowel Card Game

Posted by Marguerite Foshee on 13th Oct 2019

Lately I feel as if I am running out of ideas to make vowel practice more enjoyable. How can I really capture my students’ attention and help them solidify these tricky vowel sounds? “Spider Smash” seems to do the trick this time of year. Perfect with Halloween right around the corner!


  • Card stock or copy paper
  • Spider Smash card game template (click HERE!)

Make it Multisensory

This game should be played like “Slapjack. My students LOVE this game and want to play it again and again! An added bonus is increased fluency!

1. Print cards (see link above). Or, create your own.
2. Preview deck, isolating the vowel your student is working on and filtering out unknown concepts.
3. Deal the deck face down- each player gets ½ the deck.
4. Create a face down deck from dealt cards.
5. Determine who goes first, or if you will play cards simultaneously.
6. Each player flips a card and reads the vowel (vc/cvc) card. Players create a pile of cards that
have been read in the middle while reading.
7. Once a spider if flipped, a player must quickly smash the card.
8. The person who smashes the spider card first gets the pile.
9. When players run out of cards, they flip their earned deck and play those cards.
10. Game continues until all cards are played. Winner is the player with all the cards.

*After printing the cards, I filtered out the ones that included sounds the student was not explicitly taught yet. These cards get set aside for later use when the student acquires these vowels/consonants.

To stay organized, I print multiple sets of these cards and store in a bin. This is a perfect filler activity if you have some down time, or, would be great as a center/partner activity.





Written by Marguerite Foshee, M.Ed

Marguerite is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Clarkston, Michigan


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