Multisensory Monday: Straw Strips for Beginning Blend Str-

Multisensory Monday: Straw Strips for Beginning Blend Str-

Posted by Brainspring on 25th Mar 2018

Str- is a beginning blend I like to give extra attention to during my lessons. Pronouncing /r/ on its own can be challenging, especially alongside two other consonants. Students can practice pronouncing str- while building their straw strips. Vocalizing and hearing this new sound will develop pronunciation and recognition later on. I have noticed a few of my students tend to confuse beginning blend str- with shr- while spelling.  It is encouraged to remind your students to pronounce these blends slowly and crisply while isolating sounds, prior to spelling.

I hope you find this useful in your classroom!

 Materials Needed

  • 2 pieces of construction paper (cut into strips)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Straws (cut into various lengths to form the letters str-)



Ask students to assemble the pieces of straw into the letters str- and glue on construction paper. While gluing, ask students to say “str” says /str/.  After completing the gluing portion, dictate words that begin with the beginning blend str-, and have students write the words below the str- strip.



It’s possible to also incorporate other crafting materials or drawings that have “str” into this activity. For example, you could add string, a stream, a zebra with stripes on a street, or whatever else you can come up with!

Written by Georgia Diamantopoulos

Georgia is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in Shelby Township.

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