Multisensory Monday: Suffix Sliders

Multisensory Monday: Suffix Sliders

Posted by Julie Wright on 27th Aug 2018

Teach the concept of a suffix using this fun Multisensory Monday activity! If your multisensory supplies are starting to take over your living space, try activities such as this, where everything fits in one small sandwich sized baggie!


Suffix examples:  -less   -ment   -ness    -en    -ful    -ish

Materials and Instructions

3 oz plastic cups


Permanent marker

Take a cup and write all of the base words that go with a particular suffix around the lip part of the cup. Take another cup and cut off 2/3 of the top. Write the suffix on the 1/3 and discard the rest. Be careful to make sure you have enough room when writing the base words and the suffix. Repeat with the other suffixes. Leave two complete cups and two cut cups blank for the student to make the remaining two suffixes.

Make it Multisensory

Have your student select a baseword cup and a suffix cup, put them together and rotate it around to read the word (real and pseudo). Have her interchange the cups, as some suffixes work on more than one baseword cup. Lastly, have your student create two of her own cups with the remaining suffixes. Send two or all of the suffix cups home with the student to practice.


Use these mini cups for practice with any beginning or ending blend, prefixes or suffixes.



Written by Julie Wright

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan.


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