Multisensory Monday: Super Bowl Skill Review

Posted by Julie Wright on 27th Jan 2020

Does anyone have some football fans in their class? In need of reviewing some phonics lessons? With the Super Bowl right around the corner, why not have some football fun with your students?! Here’s a quick game you can create and play to practice and review any lesson.


Sketch a football field on a sheet of paper (or find a layout online). Print out pictures of two football players in different colored uniforms. On index cards write out football task cards (see below) and word cards from the lesson you are studying. Get out one die.

How to Play

First, pick your team (name it for fun!) and identify your end zone. Have a white board or paper ready for score keeping and writing down words. Shuffle the football task cards (see below).

  1. Each player rolls a die to see where to place their player. If a 1-5 is rolled, place your player on that yard line (1 – 10 yard line, 2 – 20 yard line, 3 – 30 etc.) heading toward the correct end zone. If a 6 is rolled, the player gets a kickoff return and goes to the 20 yard line, closest to the end zone.
  2. The first person draws a football task card (see below) and does the reading/writing on the card in order to move their player up or down the field. If a “Write a Word” card is drawn, the opposite player dictates a word from the cup. Continue to take turns drawing cards and following the directions on the cards.
  3. If the “field goal” card is drawn and the player is on the 40 yard line or less, 3 points can be earned and the player will roll the die to “kick off” on their next turn. If the player is not on the 40 yard line or less, return the card back to the bottom of the pile.
  4. If a touchdown card is drawn, move the player to the end zone and earn 6 points. The player must then read a word from the word cup for the extra point. On your next turn, roll the die to “kick off” to resume playing.

Shuffle and reuse task cards as needed. Set a timer to decide how long to play. Player with the most points wins.

Football Task Cards

Read 2 words, gain 20 yards.

Read 1 word and make a 20 yard run.

Read 4 words, receiver caught a 40 yard pass, gain 40 yards.

Other team gets roughing the passer call, gain 20 yards.

Delay of game penalty, lose 10 yards.

Write a word, gain 10 yards.

Read 2 words, 30 yard run, gain 30 yards.

Sacked, lose 20 yards.

Write 2 words, Touchdown run! Go to end zone for 6 points, then read a word for extra point.

Write a word, 20 yard pass, gain 20 yards.

Read a word, gain 10 yards.

Read a word, 50 yard run! Gain 50 yards.

Write 3 words, touchdown pass! Go to end zone, earn 6 points. Read a word for extra point.

Read 3 words, 30 yard pass, gain 30 yards.

Interception, lose 30 yards.

Read a word, 10 yard run, gain 10 yards.

Write 2 words, gain 20 yards.

Unsportsmanlike penalty, lose 10 yards.

Field goal- if on 40 yard or less! Get 3 points. Kickoff on your next turn.


Enjoy everyone!

Written by Julie S. Wright, M. Ed

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan.