Multisensory Monday: The Land of Plurals

Posted by Stephanie Castillo on 27th Oct 2019

The Land of Plurals

Once upon a time, in the Land of Plurals, there was a school.  All words went to this school. Some words wanted to become more than one, or plural (like cat).  Other words were verbs and wanted to show action (like run).  Every day the children looked forward to recess.  Most words loved to play on the S Swings.  But a few words did not like the S Swings.  Instead these words enjoyed sitting on the ES Bench.  Teachers could not understand why these words did not want to play on the swings with their peers.

So, one day Mr. Suffix made a list of all the words sitting on the ES Bench.

  • Box
  • Dish
  • Witch
  • Branch
  • Glass
  • Buzz
  • Fix
  • Splash
  • Fetch
  • Crunch
  • Pass
  • Fizz

Pause here. Ask students to try to figure out why these words are on the “ES” Bench.

He realized that all the words on the ES Bench ended in the following letters: x, sh, tch, nch, s, and z.  From that day on, words ending in x, sh, tch, nch, s, and z sat on the ES Bench during recess, while words ending in all other letters plays on the S Swings.  All words lived happily ever after!

Note: This story was written following the Scope & Sequence of the Phonics First ® program.  Therefore, the word list only includes skills covered up to the ES lesson in this program.  As more difficult skills are introduced, this story can be easily adapted.  For example, once vowel teams are introduced, words like beach and coach can be used.

Click the links below for some student handouts!

Swings/Bench Cutout

S-ES Word List


Written by Stephanie Castillo

Stephanie is the Center Director of the Brainspring Learning Center in Clarkston, Michigan.

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