Multisensory Monday: The Perfect Match: Syllable Edition

Posted by Brainspring on 7th Feb 2021

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to play a game all about finding ‘The Perfect Match’!

In this activity, students will match syllables to create real words. Reading multisyllable words can be challenging for some children. Identifying and reading beginning syllables detached from their counterpart will allow children to see how words are created and can better identify the chunks in words. By being able to identify the chunks in each word, struggling readers will feel more confident when they encounter multisyllable words.


(Please see the Challenges and Variations section below for differentiation options.)

Make it Multisensory

After making several heart pieces, mix them all up and have your student match beginning and ending syllables to identify real words.

Please Note: Some syllables may be able to create multiple words outside of the intended word. Recognize and praise the child as creating a real word and then ask if any other words can be created using this syllable. Otherwise, they may end up having words at the end that make no sense when matched together.

Challenges and Variations

  1. Have the hearts all the same color and size to increase the challenge.
  2. Cut varying patterns between the syllables, so our struggling students can visualize a match better.
  3. Keep the heart whole with a two-syllable word written on it. Have the child cut the heart in half where the split should be between the syllables.
  4. Level the words based on prior knowledge, moderate understanding, and challenging spelling patterns.

Written by Brittney Urban.

Brittney is a Dyslexia Specialist and Brainspring Tutor.


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