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Deep Reading Amid A Digital World

Posted by Brainspring on 2nd Dec 2020

Educators have been thrown onto the fast track of digital instruction. During this time, many have reflected on current trends of teaching instruction as well as learning and adapting to new ways of d … read more

Multisensory Monday: Story Sticks for Comprehension

Posted by Brainspring on 11th Oct 2020

The goal of reading is to understand what is being read. Aside from phonics and fluency, reading comprehension can be yet another challenging component of reading for our struggling readers. Whether m … read more
Multisensory Monday: Comprehension in Colors

Multisensory Monday: Comprehension in Colors

Posted by Angelina Spiteri-Bender on 22nd Oct 2018

A key question we as teachers should stop and ask ourselves is …”are my students focusing on learning to read? Or, have they become automatic in their reading, to the point where they can  … read more