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Multisensory Monday: Story Sticks for Comprehension

Posted by Brainspring on 11th Oct 2020

The goal of reading is to understand what is being read. Aside from phonics and fluency, reading comprehension can be yet another challenging component of reading for our struggling readers. Whether m … read more

Multisensory Monday: DIY Playdough!

Posted by Brainspring on 23rd Aug 2020

I have been making playdough as a teaching tool for many years and have tried a few different recipes. The one I share with you in today’s article is by far my favorite (I still have the handwri … read more
Multisensory Monday: Prefix Ball Toss!

Multisensory Monday: Prefix Ball Toss!

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 28th May 2018

In this Multisensory Monday, we suggest an activity to help students grasp what the purpose of a prefix is. A prefix comes before a base word and changes the meaning of the base word. Give this activi … read more
Multisensory Monday- Word Sliders

Multisensory Monday- Word Sliders

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 5th Jun 2017

I am always trying to find innovative ways to liven up my Phonics First® lessons. Word Sliders are a great way to do this! Word Sliders can help students with a variety of  concepts.  For example, th … read more