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Multisensory Monday: Number Root Word Match-Up

Posted by Brainspring on 24th Nov 2019

Remembering the meaning of numerical root words can be tricky, especially for struggling readers. Many times, for example, math story problems are full of long words that contain number roots (think h … read more

Multisensory Monday: Root Word Therm Thermometer

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 3rd Jun 2019

This week’s multisensory activity provides an example of a quick craft an older student might enjoy to practice the root word Therm. Although I was a lower elementary school teacher for several … read more

Multisensory Monday: Paper Chronograph

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 6th May 2019

As upper elementary, middle and high school teachers, we sometimes lose our creativity when it comes to creating multisensory activities for our older students. Although our students might grimace at … read more
Multisensory Monday: ConSTRUCTion Words

Multisensory Monday: ConSTRUCTion Words

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 4th Mar 2019

The Latin roots “struct” and “stru” mean “to build”. Here is a fun and easy multisensory activity to use with your students. All you need is a copy of the attached … read more