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Short Vowel Books -- High Interest Stories

Following the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading, these decodable books fill the need for quality stories using short vowel sounds. They present stories that are consistent in helping students gain mastery over short vowel words.

Uses single and multisyllable words with short vowels, consonants, blends; high frequency sight-words and story-specific words which are introduced before reading the story.

The Adventures of Dan and Sam: Three chapters about two boys who like to camp. The 39-page book is attractive and imaginative. Practice with short vowel sounds is set within a context of interesting events.

The Fantastic Fan and 7 More Fantastic Stories: The second book in our Steps to Success Series.  It emphasizes short vowel sounds, blends, the soft and hard sounds of c and g. In this 58 page book there are 8 distinct and entertaining stories. One story involves kids making a video with a mini-cam. They are mistaken by a neighbor as trouble makers. Variety like this in each story gives the reader pleasure while providing the practice to build confidence in reading. 

Dan and Sam and the RV Trip: A sequel to the Adventures of Dan and Sam, this book is filled with excitement. Renting an RV, traveling to Florida and getting stuck in mud in a thunderstorm are all part of the action. 3 chapters, 39-pages.  

Dan and Sam and the Best Trip Ever: This exciting high-interest book faithfully follows the first three levels of the Orton-Gillingham approach, but does not sacrifice literary worth. Sentences are longer and vocabulary expansive.  

Grades 2+