Multisensory Monday:  “Bread Spread”

Multisensory Monday: “Bread Spread”

Posted by Julie Wright on 14th Jan 2019

Vowel team ea makes the long sound of e (as in peach), however, these two letters can also make the short e sound (as in bread). Make this sound for ea memorable with a tasty and edible lesson!

Materials Needed

Bread, fruit spread, plastic knife, paper towel, ea rhyming cards


Make it Multisensory

Point out the word bread on the bread bag. Ask your students what they notice about the spelling. They may notice the word contains the vowel team ea. Next, ask what is in the bag (bread). In the word bread, the first vowel does not say its name, as it would in a vowel team. The vowels instead make a short e sound! Next, look at the fruit spread jar together. The word spread also has an ea, but the sound they make is again the short e sound.



Lay out your pieces of bread and have your students repeat the short e sound over and over while spreading/writing the letters e and a on the bread.

Enjoy eating the “bread spread” while completing the following ea rhyming matching game:

Lay out ea words – some that rhyme and some that do not rhyme. Ask your students to find the rhyming words and match them up!

Some ea rhyming words may include: bread/lead, steady/ready, spread/thread




To expand on the lesson, discuss the parts of speech of bread and spread. The word bread is a noun, however, the word spread is a noun and a verb.



Written by Julie Wright, M. Ed

Julie is a tutor at Brainspring Learning Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan.


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