Multisensory Monday: Compound Word Match Football

Posted by Brainspring on 20th Dec 2020

This activity is easy to make! All you need is a brown piece of cardboard, construction paper (or fun-foam), a hole punch, some yarn or string, some sticky notes, and a marker.

Cut out a football shape from the brown material. Then, punch a series of holes in two columns to represent the laces on the football. Cut a piece of yarn or other string that is approximately 3 times longer than the football is.

Next, select some compound words or other two-syllable words. Write each syllable on a separate sticky note and attach the first syllables to the laces’ left side and the second syllables to the right side of the laces. Do not align the first and second syllables.

When ready, give the football and string to your student and ask him to “sew” the correct syllables together.

Not only does this activity help students build words, but it also helps them improve their dexterity!


Written by Tammi Brandon, M.Ed., CDP, SLDI

Tammi Brandon is a Master Instructor and Director of Distance Learning with Brainspring Educator Academy

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