Blog: Orton-Gillingham Weekly

Accreditation and Certification Questions

Posted by Brainspring on 17th Feb 2016

Hi everyone, We have received several questions about the accreditation and certification of multisensory programs. We paraphrased the questions to share because I think many of you may be wondering t … read more

Multisensory Monday- Soft C and G

Posted by Brainspring on 18th Jan 2016

Hi everyone, Welcome back to Multisensory Monday presents Sarah’s Spelling School! Thanks so much for the comments you have been leaving! I am planning more videos based on your suggestions. &n … read more

What is the proper sound for r?

Posted by Brainspring on 7th Jan 2016

Hi everyone, Anyone out there ever wondered if they are pronouncing r properly when teaching phonics? I know I have. And I know many of you have as well because it is something I get asked in every tr … read more

Rabbit Rule for Spelling- Multisensory Monday

Posted by Brainspring on 6th Dec 2015

Hi everyone, I did a video of today’s Multisensory Monday activity for you! It’s a follow up to last week’s post about the Rabbit Rule. I explain the Rabbit Rule again at the beginni … read more