Structures Refresher - Self-Paced

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Structures® Level I Refresher

Appropriate Audience:
Upper elementary (4th grade or higher), Middle School, and High School teachers who have completed Structures® Level I

This workshop is designed to review the Brainspring Structures® Level I Orton-Gillingham methodology. Multisensory techniques, strategies and concepts will be reviewed, new insights will be gained, and accuracy of the program will be emphasized to support delivery with fidelity.

This self-paced, online workshop uses videos, on-screen animations, activities and quizzes to actively engage teachers in learning.

Review Includes:
• Lesson plan components
• Visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
• Morphology review
• Syllabication strategies
• Instructor led question-and-answer session

Upon completion, participants will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of each lesson component
• Be better prepared to deliver Structures® lessons with fidelity

Prerequisite: Completion of Structures® Level I

Course Hours: 6

Self-paced professional development allows educators to receive training on their own schedule (within established start and end dates). To promote fidelity, course information is easy to engage with through built-in interactions, activities, and practice assignments with personalized feedback. Our Instructors are available to answer questions via email.

All Self-Paced Online Professional Development courses are released on a biweekly schedule. Participants have 30 days to complete the course.


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