Phonics First® Level I - E-Learning

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Phonics First® Level I -  E-Learning

Phonics First® Level I

Phonics First® Level I Orton-Gillingham E-Learning Training
Kindergarten through 3rd Grade general education (Tier 1 whole class/small group)
4th through 5th Grade general education (Tier 1 small group)
Kindergarten through 5th Grade special education, intervention, resource (Tier 2,3)

The Phonics First® Level I E-Learning course covers all the content of the in-person course in an interactive and flexible online format. Phonics First® transforms beginning, struggling, dyslexic/LD readers into skilled learners through our effective, fun, multisensory approach to reading and spelling. Teachers will actively participate in learning modules and connect with Phonics First® Instructors as they learn how to effectively incorporate Orton-Gillingham instruction into their classrooms or small-groups.

Participants learn to teach:
• Alphabet and phonemic awareness strategies
• Basic and advanced phonetic concepts for decoding and encoding
• A Three-Part Drill for structured review
• Tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
• Syllabication for multisyllabic words (8 Syllable Types/3 Syllable Patterns)
• Oral reading/connected text fluency
• Higher-level spelling skills

Additional benefits:
• Guidance with lesson planning and classroom implementation
• Emphasis on teaching reading to beginning, struggling, dyslexic and learning disabled readers using Orton-Gillingham methodology
• Complimentary Brainspring Members Area Access: reproducible lesson resources and activities

Upon completion, participants will:
• Receive a document of completion
• Be prepared to teach Phonics First® to students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade
• Be eligible to purchase 2 Graduate Credits (Ashland University)

Benefits of E-Learning:

  • Engage with the content. Specifically developed for the online learning environment, this course is much more than a series of video lectures. You’ll be actively involved in learning through built-in interactions, activities and practice assignments.
  • Get guidance from an expert. Phonics First® Instructors are there to guide you through the course, answering questions and providing personalized feedback to assignments.
  • Fit learning into your schedule. You can access course content and complete assignments when it’s convenient for you.
  • Track your progress. With built-in activities like Knowledge Checks, discussions and quizzes, it’s easy to know that you’re on the right track to learning the lesson content, processes and strategies.
  • Access a variety of resources. In addition to the standard course content, you’ll find a library of resources developed to support you during and after the course, as well as optional resources to dig deeper into topics of interest. On-line interactions and activities, video demonstrations and printable activities are just a few of the tools you’ll find throughout the course.

Prerequisite: None
E-Learning Course Hours
Required Viewing: and Assignments: 25 hours, 20 minutes
Additional Practice Time: 6 hours, 30 minutes

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